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The Answer To Everything 11.06.2019

I have made a conscious decision to release my #niceguydavemusic in 6 months today on my 42nd birthday. this will be on CD & download. So whatever is ready then will be what is released, will most probably be multi-album. there might be a few single download releases before but the huge amount of my songs will be out on Tuesday 11th June 2019. the only place where you can preview & hear the newly recorded music I will release will be live at gigs (including this Saturday 15th June at the Hope & Anchor in Islington) & soon on #discoverunsigned radio from this weekend. I am doing this so i can work on even more new songs currently in development, my well-being & also the way in which i'm going to present my music to the world. I will be involving my fans in the process & offering them the chance to support me on the journey too. Thank you if you are with me. More updates coming soon. Take care all that care, love Dave x (y) #TheAnswerToEverything

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