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#discoverunsigned radio (RETURNING LATE 2023)

Details coming very soon of releases!.....

#TheAnswerToEverything #TATE46 triple-album scheduled to be ready for release very late summer 2023.
Will be available to buy on CD + download & on all download & streaming platforms, all as individual albums & as a triple album package.
Including the albums #VibrantLife #MusicHeart & #Positivifying
The preview EPs #YELLOWLIFEEP #REDLOVEEP & #BLUEPOSITIVEEP have all been released & are available on all download & streaming platforms, as has my promo album #YELLOWREDBLUELIFELOVEPOSITIVE & as an extremely limited edition signed CDs, available from me.  Please contact me at & send £10 with your address details to thanl you very much if you do!
More details soon....

For now here's a few teasers of instrumental tracks.