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Hi I hope that you all are having a nice weekend. No recorded songs will be revealed in full before they are released. I appreciate those that show faith in me & support & believe in me before. Thank you to those looking forward to this summer when all are ready to be heard. Those that judge something before it’s even been discovered or even revealed in full when finished well think again, would you like that done to you? The answer to everything is coming this June. No live performances too before as well. Wait to see & hear what I’m creating on my own when I am ready to show it to the world. Those that back me & help me to reach my goals especially locally & my collaborators I thank you all. It will be a surprise for many I’m sure. I am underestimated by many, but well they’ll realise I’m enough on my own one day. My original music is coming, more news soon of progress. Keep positivifying. Take care all that care, get in touch if you want to help join the music making process or would like to enquire about future gigs for after June. I’ll be ready to live again after then.
#niceguydavemusic x

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